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Latest News & Updates

Is captive insurance a good fit for your company?
May 10, 2015--Considering that the model can save companies money by allowing them to self-insure and (in many cases) band together with similar companies, it’s no wonder that captive insurance is a concept that continues to grow.
Job site safety - Controlling losses and reducing claims
Learn what you can do to keep your construction job site safe.May 4, 2015--In a time where the workforce is aging and workers’ compensation claims are a major concern, it’s likely that safety in the workplace—especially in the construction field—has never been more important.
ERISA Disclosure Requirements
May 1, 2015--There’s been a lot of talk about plan documents, ERISA e-disclosure requirements, and Department of Labor audits. In Thomas v. CIGNA, a court ruled against an employer who could not prove it employee received a Summary Plan Description.
The Cadillac Tax
May 4, 2015 -- Beginning in 2018, the ACA imposes a nondeductible excise tax (the “Cadillac Tax”) on employers, health insurance issuers, and/or entities administering plan benefits if the aggregate value of applicable employer-sponsored coverage exceeds the specified threshold limit.
EEOC Proposes Rules For Wellness Programs
April 21, 2015 -- The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) released new regulations on incentives offered under employer wellness programs.